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Human Factors For Vehicle, Hardware, and Equipment Design

From ergonomics, to concerns about radiation, infection, and environmental adaptability we consult on what the human body needs to go where few others venture.

Operational Medical Support & Medical Consulting

Our sister company, ADE Medical PLLC, offers medical support services, contingency plans, and recovery operations for extreme environments, including underwater and high altitude endeavors.

Human Physiology ​Hardware & Software Development

If it doesn't exist, ADE builds it. From physiological monitoring hardware to the software needed for easy end user interface, ADE innovates and develops.

On-Site Medical Support Services

Our Advantages

At ADE Aerospace, we strive to go beyond the current limit of humanity's reach, knowledge, and expectations, for all; through the combined application of the life sciences, medicine, and engineering.

Physiologic Monitoring Consulting 

Featured Services

ADE Aerospace Consulting LLC congratulates Alan Eustace, Paragon SDC, and the other members of the StratEx project team for a successful mission. ADE was proud to be involved in this historic accomplishment in pushing a human's boundary of experience further to the edge of the stratosphere as a provider of medical support and physiologic monitoring for both Alan and the ground crew. We felt that the teamwork shown by all the engineers and staff of the teams involved was first-class and should serve as an example for further projects of this type. For more information see: StratEx